Water Bill Breakdown

Water Bill Breakdown

We're taking a look at exactly what you pay for on your water bill each month.

Chief Financial Officer for Wichita Falls Jim Dockery said the average water bill for households in the city is $57 a month.

That is then split into eight categories, broken down in the following way:

Debt: $18.95  (33.24%)
Billing and Collection: $1.71  (2.99%)
Admin: $5.26  (9.23%)
Water Distribution: $6.16  (10.81%)
Water Supply/ Treatment: $7.21  (12.64%)
Sewer Line Cleaning: $0.83  (1.45%)
Waste Water Collection: $1.92  (3.37%)
Waste Water Treatment: $10.11  (17.73%)
Capital Repairs: $4.86  (8.53%)

The actual numbers may vary, depending on the size of your house and family, but the percentages would still be the same.

The largest portion goes toward paying back debt, or the money the city borrowed to make improvements to the water system.

"We just have to make repairs to the system on a regular basis to make sure that it's operable and in optimum condition so that it's not broken down," said Dockery about the $6-8 that goes toward maintenance.

There are also 170 employees that are paid through the water bills, but only about $5 on the average bill goes directly to their pay.

Dockery said surcharges that are paid when people use more water than they're allotted also goes to cover the same costs.

This breakdown includes the most recent rate increase for the Temporary Water Re-use Project. Dockery said they only make improvements when absolutely necessary, in order to keep costs down.

Christina Myers