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SAFB Joint Land Use Study Public Forum

The Sheppard Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study also known as JLUS held an important public forum Tuesday night at the MPEC. Organizers of the event have been urging the public to come out and voice their opinions after the first public forum in January only created a small turnout.

Wichita Falls Assistant City Manager Kevin Hugman has been stressing the importance of public participation, especially in a big study like this one.  

"We want the public to understand what the impact of Sheppard Air Force Base is to the community. We also want them to understand what kind of things we need to look at to make sure that we are able to keep Sheppard here" he said.

Sheppard Air Force Base currently brings in 20-25% of economic revenue alone. Those that attended were provided an overview of the current status of the study as well as given the opportunity to ask questions, provide input and address some concerns they had. Many landowners from the base area were in attendance.

"I have noise, safety zone issues because we're within half a mile of the runway so we're right close to everything there" said landowner George Emmert.

"I think we've got a lot of land out there and we need to put it to good use" said Jane Reeves who is thinking about purchasing some land by the base.

"I have questions about land usage. If you're a land owner you want to know what you can and cannot do with the land according to how it's zoned" said Rodney Jennings, also a landowner of the area.

Organizers hope to take what they heard today and apply it to the study as they move forward.

"We want them to be involved and we want everyone to feel like at the end, it was a comprehensive study that was done and that everyone had an opportunity to provide their input" said Hugman.

Another public forum will be held in Fredrick, Oklahoma on August 29th. Wichita Falls is also scheduled to host a third forum at the end of this year.  

More information about JLUS can be found on . The Public Participation section of this website will be updated regularly to include information about the committees working on this project and to notify citizens about upcoming public workshops.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.

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