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Homework For Health

Many Texoma parents say whenever their kids go back to school they have to get ready to deal with them getting sick more often.
A Texoma nurse says many of the kids might get sick at the beginning of the school year because they spread germs quicker in a large group of people.
Experts say the number one defense against any type of infection is telling your kids to wash their hands as much as they can.
"The antibacterial hand sanitizers are next in line and those are in a lot of the school supply lists these days. The teachers keep them in the classrooms and that helps," said Kay Sabine with the Wichita Count Public Health District.
Experts recommend going back to basics with your kids. Remind them to cough into their sleeve or elbow, not on their hand.
Also keep your kids active and well fed.
A good nutritious breakfast, including Vitamin C, can build energy and resistance to germs.

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