Camp Fire Kicks Off Tuesday

Camp Fire Kicks Off Tuesday

The Camp Fire after-school program kicks off on Tuesday.   At their first meeting, the boys and girls will go swimming in the Camp Fire Harrell Park Swimming Pool.  Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade are taken in Camp Fire vans from 18 schools in the Wichita Falls and City View School Districts where they participate in programs designed to positively influence their lives and prepare them for their roles as adult members of our community.  

 Activities include: homework help, swimming, fishing, cook-outs, sports, games, crafts,  singing, canoeing, hikes, outdoor/environmental programs and service projects.  A permission form must be signed by each child's parent or guardian giving permission for the child to attend Camp Fire.   Membership in the Camp Fire after-school program is $10 for the year but no one is denied membership because of inability to pay the membership fee.  A family of three or more can join for $25 the year.

Camp Fire programs are designed to help youth develop skills, attitudes and goals which will serve them well throughout their lives.  Camp Fire programs stress the importance of community service and volunteerism.  All of our programs, including the after-school program, the Traditional Club program, Day Camp and Outdoor/Environmental activities, provide youth with the tools and support they need to lead happy, healthy, productive lives.

The Traditional Camp Fire program, led by volunteers, has been available since the beginning of Camp Fire 103 years ago.  We invite parents and grandparents to begin a Camp Fire Club which requires two volunteer co-leaders and 6 to 20 children for each club.  This program provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children.  Dinner and Training will be provided October 7 at 6:00 p.m. at the Camp Fire office.    Materials and program books will be provided by Camp Fire.

Camp Fire North Texas also provides the "Teens in Action" program which serves Jr. High and High School youth.  Their main emphasis is giving service to the community.  They meet monthly but have weekly teleconferences with each other.  The members of this group are Jr Counselors in the Camp Fire Day Camp each summer and volunteer in the after-school program.

A Camp Fire T-Shirt will be provided to each member who registers in the after-school program or Traditional program and pays the $10 membership by Monday, September 30.

For more information please contact the Camp Fire office at 940-322-5209 or drop by the office at 2414 Ninth Street, visit the web site at, e-mail at , or like them on facebook at facebook/campfirenorthtexas.