Faith Refuge Bed Bugs

Three rooms in the family unit at the Faith Refuge located at 1300 Travis St. in Wichita Falls have been invaded by bed bugs.

One infant and one mother were taken to the emergency room for treatment of bites.

There are eight family rooms in total.  The demand for shelter by families has forced families to double up.

There is no way to know for certain where the pesky critters originated from.  They travel on luggage, bedding, and clothing.  It appears they hitched a ride with one of the clients as they entered the Refuge.

Staff at Faith Refuge are making every effort to help get rid of the bed bugs.

The following actions are being taken to eradicate the bugs:

  • Mattresses have been removed.
  • The infested mattresses will be discarded and replaced with new mattresses.
  • A local exterminator will treat the family unit and will return in seven days for a second treatment and again in 14 days for a third treatment.
  • Families will need to stay out of the family unit for a minimum of two hours after each treatment.
  • All vinyl mattress covers only covering the top side of the mattress will be replaced with full mattress covers.
  • Bedding will be washed daily.
  • Families will no longer be able to bring their own bedding into the rooms.

In addition, Faith Mission has been practicing a courtesy of picking up mattresses from donors of contributions-in-kind when they have other items to be picked up. These mattresses are never sold or used in the shelters. They are placed outside at Faith Mission for members of the community to pick up and use. Faith Mission will no longer be picking up mattresses, nor accepting them as donations to give to the public. Contributions-in-kind help meet the needs of the poor and profits from sales at the Faith Mission Thrift Shoppe return to the shelters to help end homelessness.

For more information call (940) 723-5663.