Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce President To Be Chosen Soon

The City of Wichita Falls has been in search of a new Chamber of Commerce President since Tim Chase stepped down earlier this year. For the last 3 months, a team comprised of 12 leaders from the community has been engaged in a nationwide search. However, they are not in a rush.

"We have a great staff that's running the chamber at this time, so we did not feel compelled to rush through this process. Our goal was to find the best candidate to lead our chamber" said Chamber of Commerce Search team Chairman Chuck White.

The chamber is currently being run by Interim President Kevin Pearson. Now, with the help of a top recruitment firm Waverly Partners, they have narrowed it down to two candidates.

"We probably reviewed over 40 names from across the country. Over the last several weeks, we've been interviewing those individuals in order to make a cut" said White.

The 40 candidates were narrowed to 10, and then to a core group of 5. Now with only two left, the Chamber is really close to finding the new replacement.

White says they are now in a phase where they are selling the City of Wichita Falls to the candidates, after they sold themselves to the Search Team. The two potential replacements will get an opportunity to visit the city with their families and meet with various leaders of the community.

When asked what qualities they are looking for in the new President, White replied that they are looking for a candidate with new ideas, experience, versatility and high integrity. According to White, the two candidates that are left will both bring new energy and fresh spirit to the position.

The Chamber hopes to make a final decision and extend an offer within the next month. The selected individual, if he or she accepts the position will be installed within the next 30 days after that.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.