CSCOPE Back In Most Region 9 Schools

CSCOPE Back In Most Region 9 Schools

Teachers in nearly all Region 9 school districts will use CSCOPE again this year, but in a different way.

Only Wichita Falls, Iowa Park and City View Independent School Districts will not re-subscribe to the program.

Vernon ISD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Marylin Leasure said teachers will have access to three CSCOPE guides that will help them create their own lesson plans.

"It just helps lay out some of the information about the content that teachers are going to teach that go along with the TEKS, and helps to arrange it in a way that is connected and students can learn it so that they will remember it," said Leasure.

The guides will also lay out a teaching schedule for the school year and help teachers prepare their students for the following two grade levels.

Leasure said the CSCOPE guides will only be one of many resources teachers will use to develop their lesson plans.

"We also have access to materials that we get when we go to training, so those documents can be used to plan a lesson," said Leasure. "And many, many Internet resources are out there that teachers can look at, and access and choose to incorporate them into their lessons."

WFISD Spokeswoman Renae Murphy said they decided not to use CSCOPE because they had already spent a lot of time and money creating new lesson plans over the summer.

Starting Friday, Aug. 30, CSCOPE will be renamed "TEKS Resource System" to better reflect the new way the program can be used.