Wichita County: Walker Road Fire

A wildfire that sparked around 5:30 Thursday morning was burning near Reilly Ranch Loop and Walker Road in Wichita County. This was the second time firefighters from Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Wichita Falls and Friberg Cooper had to tackle these flames.

The first fire started around 8:30 Wednesday night. Firefighters were able to put the flames out but due to extreme heat and humidity, the fire rekindled the next morning.

"We're getting dozers in there, cutting dozer lines, getting trucks in there and laying out the fire on the ground. We have to burn out every piece of land that way it doesn't rekindle" said Burkburnett Fire Department Firefighter Robert Wade.

The fire burned over 150 acres and is believed to have been sparked by wires that run through the area. A few obstacles got in the way when the 20-30 firefighters on scene tried to put the flames out.

"One is heat. It's real hot… it's about 100, 105 degrees outside. The terrain… we can't get trucks in there so we're having to walk. I've pretty much walked around this entire fire" said Wade.

Paramedics and the America Red Cross were there to provide support.

"We have water, drinks, and snacks. We also have doused towels that they can put on the back of their neck to cool down if they get overheated" said Mike Dow, a volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Two firefighters were treated at the scene for heat exhaustion. The fire was put out as of 6:30 Thursday evening. Firefighters will be checking the area for the next couple of days to make sure the fire doesn't rekindle for the third time.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.