Limited Meal Choices Leaves Some Students Hungry

Some parents of students at Burkburnett Middle School reached out to us concerned there isn't enough food to feed all the kids at lunch.

A parent forward us an email the school's principal, Scott Slater sent to parents last night. That email had a voicemail attached to it. Here's what Slater had to say in that voicemail:

"I do realize that our cafeteria has run out of food by the end of third lunch the last couple of days and I apologize for that. It is taking our child nutritionists a little bit of time to regulate the amount of food because of some menu changes and they are very well aware of that. Plus, I'm going to encourage students tomorrow on the intercom, if you're one of the last 10 or 20 kids in third lunch, because that's who it's happening to, we're going to work on a different system to get you to lunch earlier so it's not the same students everyday while we fix the problem. If they told you they didn't eat they're probably telling you the truth but we're fixing it," said Slater.

The parent who forward us the voicemail didn't want to be identified and wanted her voice to be altered. However, she told us her kid didn't have anything to eat from 7:30 a.m. until he was done with a sports practice at 5:30 p.m.

"After I heard the message I asked him did you get to eat lunch, and he said no. I said, was there food available and you just didn't eat or was there no food. He said there wasn't anything left," said the parent.

However, I sat down with Slater and he said,  his voicemail was misunderstood or maybe he just didn't explain it correctly. He said, they did have food available. The problem was they ran out of the two most popular items and the kids just didn't want to eat the other choices that were left.

"If a parent had a kid come home saying you know what, all there was were turkey wraps, I wanted the parents to know that it was true. That really was true. There weren't a lot of choices," said Slater.

He also said, it's very difficult to figure out what meals will be popular early in the school year but the problem is definitely getting fixed. He's just encouraging kids to go to the cafeteria right away instead of going to the lockers.

"We need a different system to get you here sooner because I would hate to think that the same few kids were going to be in that same situation everyday and so that's all I really meant by that," said Slater.

The principal mentioned, he sent that voicemail because he wants to be transparent with parents and keep them up to date with everything going on in school.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6