Beating the Heat on Game Day

Most schools kicked off their football season Friday night, and temperatures could not have been hotter. Earlier this month we told you how schools were keeping their players safe in the heat during 2-a-days, and now we telling you how they are keeping them cool on game day.

Coaches have more control in practice than they do in the games. During practice a coach can call for a water break whenever he notices him team struggling, but in the games they cannot. Preparing for the games starts days before the actual game and consist of more than just hydrating.

City View Head Football Coach Rudy Hawkins said that he hopes his players have become more accustomed to the heat, since they have been practicing in the afternoons.

But trying to get accustomed to the heat is not enough. Additional precautions are still going to be made and even some special steps were taken to help keep the junior varsity safe.

Hawkins said "We cut the time down in the quarters for the JV to kind of accommodate for the heat. You know those guys kickoff was at 5 o'clock so it was even hotter for those guys than it would be for tonight for the varsity guys".

But unfortunately the same step cannot be taken for the varsity teams.

Hawkins said the UIL's rules and regulations would not allow for the time of each quarter to change. He also thinks that many people would not want to change the length of the game either.

Hawkins said he will use all of his time outs when it's this hot, so his players can rest and hydrate.

Referees will also probably give the teams more time to rest between quarters and during half time when temperatures are this hot.

Hawkins said 'We'll have all of our guys keep an eye on the kids. You know safety is our number one concern you know. It's still just a game and we want to win more than anybody. But we also don't want to get anybody injured or hurt"

James Parish, Newschannel 6