Teens Are Now Banned From Tanning Beds

If you're under 18 in Texas you won't be able to use tanning beds, even if you have your parent's consent.

The new law kicked in on Sunday, Leslee Gauthier, the owner of Bronze Touch Tanning to make some quick changes in her business.

"There are some of the customers that we have who are under the age of 18 that can't tan now but they've already paid to tan. We're going to pro-rate their month. If they have any money left over from tanning we'll give them their money back," said Gauthier.

Guathier said, other than that, the new restrictions won't affect her revenue too much and it's not just because spray tans are an option.

"There's actually a very small percentage under the age of 18. It's just a handful of girls and they don't actually tan all year round. They only tan for big events like prom or something like that," said the owner.

The law will try to lower the risk of melanoma in minors. However, businesses also have to watch out for those over 18. They're now required to keep records of customers' first visits, their skin type, the length of their tanning session and any illnesses sparked by them. However,  Gauthier said, what many people don't know is that many of her clients actually benefit from tanning beds.

"I have some customers that have had a knee replacement or a hip replacement and they come in on a regular basis because they can get in the heat and it relaxes them and it makes their muscles feel better," said Gauthier.

In 2009 the World Health Organization classified tanning beds as having a direct link to cancer.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6