School Resumes After Crash

School was a little different for some third and fourth graders on Tuesday at Cunningham Elementary. On Monday, we told you a 74-year-old man crashed his Jeep into the school. Luckily it was Labor Day so no students were injured. But class is going to be a little different until the original classroom is repaired.

Cunningham Elementary Principal Richelle Williams said "Our students have been placed in other classrooms. We are fortunate enough to have classrooms available to put those four classes in. There are two third grade classrooms and two fourth grade classrooms that were affected."

Some of the students were moved into the Midwestern State University room while others were moved into the music room. But Students were not the only thing that had to be moved.

Principal Williams said "We have made arrangements to have all of their curriculum materials and the students' materials and belongings from their lockers taken to their current classroom."

Parents should not worry about the buildings structural integrity. WFISD has already had a professional come out and inspect the building.

WFISD Public Information Officer Renea Murphy said a structural engineer came out this morning and evaluated the wing of the classrooms that were affected and determined that the building was safe.

Even though the crash occurred on Labor Day when most people were off of work, the school and community could not have responded better.

Principal Williams said "Learning at Cunningham is continuing seamlessly without any interruption and those students are going to learn in their present environment".

Murphy adds that the school is in the process of trying to find a vendor to handle the repairs. It will be a couple of weeks before the displaced students can return to their original classrooms.

At this time WFISD does not know what the cost of the damages will be. They are waiting for their insurance adjuster to inspect the school.