Montague Co: High School Football Player Death An Accident

More details were released in a press conference Tuesday afternoon regarding the death of a Denton Guyer High School student.  17 year old Nathan Maki was shot and killed on Saturday after a rifle discharged, hitting him in the head. The incident is being investigated as an accident according to Montague County Sheriff Paul Cunningham.

"At this time there's no evidence of it being an intentional shooting. It's a tragedy to all those involved. Our hearts go out to all the families involved in this tragic incident" said Cunningham.

Maki's friends and family are in shock with the sudden loss of the star football player. He was out having a good time with his friends when this incident occurred. Maki's body was found in the passenger seat of his truck.

A 17 year old friend was arrested at the scene on unrelated charges for consumption of alcohol by a minor. However, he is believed to have been holding the rifle when it was set off. Also at the scene were two teenage girls who both left the scene after the shooting happened.

"Their best friend just died. There was alcohol involved. They were scared and fled the scene… that's pretty common" said Cunningham.

The group was camping out on a property belonging to Mackie's uncle in the area of Mueller so they could go dove hunting the next morning. Alcohol was found at the scene so investigators are working to find out if it had any part in the incident along with exactly how the shooting occurred. No adults were present on the property at the time of the shooting.

Cunningham says they will continue to interview witnesses to gather more information.

"This is still an open investigation that we're conducting. So we can't release a whole lot of information at this time" he said.

Once the interviewing process is done, the case will be turned over to the Montague County District Attorney for the referral of the Grand Jury. It is still unclear if Maki's friend will be charged for the shooting. That will later be determined by the DA.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.