Drought Watch: Feed Stores Hit Hard

Feed stores are being hit hard by the lack of rain in Texoma. Their sales have decreased year after year.

"Business has been declining since the drought started about 3 years ago. It's fallen about a total of 40% over a 3 year period" said The Feed and Garden Store owner, Tom Greenwade.

"There's not as much livestock out there. A lot of farmers and ranchers have sold off their cattle because of the shortage of rain. That has decreased our sales here" said Amy Adams, Officer Manager of The Feed and Garden Store.

Greenwade's store has had to raise his feed prices because the ingredient prices have gone up. The store is even short 3 employees because those workers have all decided to leave the industry.

"They left on their own accord but we didn't have the desire or the need to replace them because of the lack of business" said Greenwade.

Despite the hardships, The Feed and Garden Store isn't ready to give up just yet. They're only surviving on the limited business coming in, but they are going to stay optimistic and push forward.

"We're all hoping that at some point the drought will end and it will rain again. That will cause farmers and ranchers to go out and plant more seeds and buy back some of their livestock which will help us out" said Adams.

"We're just gonna pray for rain and one of these days, we're gonna get it" said Greenwade.

Out of all the products, cattle and horse feed seems to be the most affected. Prices of 50 pound livestock feed range anywhere from $10 all the way to $30 for some show feed products.

The Feed and Garden store is found on 6007 Old Jacksboro Hwy and can be reached at (940) 761-1277.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.