Montague Co.: Horrible Roads

Some residents in Montague Co. have been protesting against Precinct 1's County Commissioner over road conditions. They believe he hasn't done enough to repair them, but he thinks he is being unfairly targeted.

Montague Co. Precinct 1 Commissioner Herman Conway said the roads are in horrible condition and need a lot of work.

When he was first elected into office he didn't know which roads to fix first, there were so many of them that needed maintenance.

The lack of manpower is also making it hard for Conway to repair the roads. Conway only has a total of 5 employees working for him. Conway and his men have even had to deal with broken equipment. A maintainer has been down for quick some time.

He would also like to remind people that these repairs take time.

Conway said even though a project may take a month to complete that might be relatively quick. He cannot have men working in two places at once.

Even the weather has hindered their ability to repair the roads. Gravel roads cannot be repaired in the rain, which caused them to delay some projects in July.

But these problems have not completely hindered them. Conway said they have had 390 loads of gravel put on the roads in Precinct 1 since the beginning of the year.

The residents want Conway to resign, but he says he will not. He believes he would be doing himself and everyone wrong if he did. Conway will also not be running for re-election, so this will be his last term as commissioner.

If you would like to contact Herman Conway about an issue his work phone number is listed below.

(940) 964-2388