Red River Clean Up

Clusters of trash can be seen for miles along the Red River Bed by Waurika Bridge. This is a direct result of visitors not picking up after themselves, after spending the day riding four-wheelers and grilling in that area.

On Sunday morning, Patterson's Dodge, Eddie Hills Fun Cycles and Four Wheel Performance teamed up to host the Red River Clean U. Over 60 volunteers from the off-roading community came out to help out with the cleaning process. Within the first 45 minutes of the clean up, they filled over 36 large trash bags.

"We see mainly bottles, plastic bottles, food containers, a little bit of left overs from Fourth of July. We've seen fireworks… just a little bit of everything" said Clean up Organizer Brad Rodgers from Patterson Dodge.

Volunteer David Hamilton and his family were out since 8:30 in the morning to help pick up the trash. Hamilton says he was overwhelmed with the dirtiness of the river bed.

"I feel bad, I really do. It makes me feel bad because unfortunately society now and days doesn't really care about the environment. It's really sad… it really is" he said.

Organizers say a big part of this event is to raise awareness.

"It's not just coming up here and cleaning everything up. It's about awareness to let people know when they come out here to take it with them. We put it on the back of our shirts that says 'Haul it in, haul it out'" said Rodgers.

As participants work had to reduce the debris, they are stressing the importance of being responsible and picking up the trash.

"It's good that we clean up so we can keep this place and have a lot of fun here" said volunteer Erick Sanchez.

Organizers of the event have formed a group called the "Red River Offroad Club". Their mission is to raise more awareness and hope to hold more clean ups in the future.

Their information can be found on their Facebook page at

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.