Scam Warning

Area businesses are receiving emails that claim they have won an award.

The email claims to be from the Wichita Falls Award Program and has the subject '2013 Wichita Falls Award'. The email states your business has won an award and you can use the supplied digital logo and press release. You can also purchase a physical display of your award. The message states you were chosen because your business is the best.

The BBB has several reports tied to the business information found in the email. The report out of our DC BBB gives the company an 'F' rating. BBB has also confirmed with the City of Wichita Falls and several other organizations in our area that there is no such award.

Ask the Following Questions:

· Can you find out who is making the award?

· Can you verify the group's existence, location, and history?

· What is the cost to the honoree for the award?

· What is done with my business information?

If the questions are unanswerable, you should be cautious before dealing with a group that is not transparent in its approach. For more information and tips on vanity publishers search BBB.ORG