Iowa Park: Monumental Sales Tax Report

Business is booming for one Texoma town. Iowa Park's July sales tax report was monumental. It came in at $54,000, which almost doubles the July 2012 report.

Iowa Park City Manager Michael Price said some of the money came from an audit from the state.

Texas actually owed Iowa Park money because of errors in sales tax distribution from previous months. But the increase in sales tax revenue isn't just from one place.

Price said new businesses have been coming into town that have also helped increase the sales tax.

A liquor store, jewelry store, and nail salon have all recently opened in Iowa Park. Electra Memorial Hospital even plans on opening a clinic in town. These businesses will also help increase the sales tax over time, but residents should not expect the sales tax revenue to continue to be as large.

Price said, "The amount we were sent in July was just abnormally high. It's not indicative of what's going on in Iowa Park."

Now the city leaders have to decide what to do with the extra cash.

Price said, "We don't know right now, it will just go into the general revenue of the city and whatever the needs are. There have been talks that you could use it to buy police cars and fire trucks."

Iowa Park will also start to see an increase in sales tax from selling alcohol. Even though Alcohol hit the shelves in mid July, the city won't know until October just how much of an impact alcohol sales are having.

James Parish, Newschannel 6