UPDATE: Grass Fire by Memorial Stadium Called 'Suspicious'

Officials are now calling a large grass fire burned Tuesday afternoon near Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls suspicious, although they still don't have a confirmed cause.

The Wichita Falls Fire Department was dispatched to the scene around 3:45. Flames forced multiple road closures on Lantana Drive and Silver Crest Drive. It was a close call for residents living near that area.

"The whole field is gone… it's a little scary. Somebody came to our door and said 'Did you know the field behind your house is on fire?' And we had no idea. We hadn't noticed it so we looked outside and saw that it was pretty close" said local resident Kathy Koch.

The fire threatened multiple homes and came as close as 75 feet to some.

"We got our water hose and started spraying down the fence. Some behind it so it couldn't come very close" said Hannah Koch.

The wind seemed to be a big factor, causing the fire to rekindle in multiple areas. Thankfully, WFFD was able to prevent the homes from burning down. Residents are grateful for the quick response from the fire crews.

"It was really comforting to know that they were out here and it was taken care of" said Kathy Koch.

"It was pretty great. I was glad they were there because if they weren't it could've gotten a lot closer and we might've not have had our house" said Hannah Koch.

Fire crews are still trying to figure out how the fire started. At this point they are estimating that the flames burned around 10-15 acres of the field.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.