Wichita Co. Upgrades Jail Security

Wichita County Commissioners approved $140,000 for a new operating system at the jail annex.

"It is a big deal for us because it replaces some old equipment that has been in operation since I believe about 1998 or so," said Jail Administrator Capt. Donny Johns. "It's outdated and there is newer technology that is a lot better that helps our officers perform their jobs a whole lot easier than what it has in the past."

The new system will be a touchscreen and will perform basically the same functions as the current operating system, but with some other technological advancements.
"Whenever an intercom is pressed, the nearest camera will show that intercom area, so you can see immediately who's pressing the intercom button," said Capt. Johns.

A new camera will also be installed in the parking lot to allow the Control Room Operator to see who is in the vehicle trying to get through the gate, before letting them in.

The new system will more easily change with new technology, and the company installing it will be able to troubleshoot remotely, if anything fails. "It is a big chunk of money...but it's an investment into something that I think is going to last us many years to come, and something that's desperately needed," said Capt. Johns.

He expects visitation hours to be disrupted at the jail annex for about two days, in the 90 day period it should take for the system to be fully installed. Newschannel 6 will let you know, as soon as those dates and times are chosen.

Christina Myers