Sick Girl Embarrassed at "Five Guys"

Texomans were reeling on Friday over the story of a little girl humiliated at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Libby Brooks was diagnosed with Henoch Scholien Purpuraa or HSP about two and a half years ago. Libby went to the restaurant with her big sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters program. She was wearing a medical masked because she has a weakened immune system. Something she is self conscious about.

Libby Brooks said an employee immediately started making inappropriate hand gestures as soon as she walked in.

The employee didn't even stop when he was asked to.

"The shift manager told him to stop and after she told him to stop he didn't", said Libby Brooks.

Libby and her big sister couldn't even enjoy their lunch because people were staring at them.

"When she got home and told me what happened. I immediately went back up there to talk to them. They were very apologetic. They were very sincere. But they were still making excuses. They said they were having fun and that they were just joking around", said Libby's Mother Dorothy Brooks.

Dorothy and Libby don't want the employee to be fired. They just want him to learn from his mistakes.

"I wrote down her Youtube page. I wrote down her Facebook page and I told him. You guys look at this look at her story. Look at what she's been through. I would like the employee that did this to look at this and educate themselves, so next time they realize it's not a joke," said Dorothy.

Officials from Five Guys said they're sorry for what happened on Thursday, and it's unacceptable for any employee to make a customer feel bad or embarrassed. They also said the employee feels awful for what he has done, and that Libby and her family have accepted their apology.

Libby was so upset last night; she didn't think she would be able to leave her house on Friday. After seeing the overwhelming support on Facebook, she decided to not let it bother her. On Friday, she went to Children's Miracle Network to stuff bags and backpacks full crayons, coloring books, and other items. Five Guys is even going to partner with Libby's Cause in the near future.

James Parish, Newschannel 6