Megargel Could Run Out Of Water In Four Months

Megargel is in a race against time now that it's about four months away from running out of water.

Megargel Lake is 18 feet deep and it already lost six and a half feet of water. Kelly DeSautel, the town's mayor said, for the time being the city can only do two things to prevent running out of water. One of the plans was triggered today.

"We have an old lake that we're actually starting to pump water out now to fill up this lake and we're hoping it will give us from five to eight more feet of water," said DeSautel.

Pumping water into Megargel Lake will cost the city up to $15,000. However, DeSautel said, doing it will allow them to store even more water when rainier days come in the fall.

"Once we get that other lake pumped out we're going to clean it out, get all the vegetation out of it and kind of make it deeper. That way, when we do get into more rain we can fill up that lake and have more water that we can use between the two lakes," said DeSautel.

Megargel is also receiving a $94,000 emergency disaster grant from the state.

"That allows us to access more water to get two 25,000 gallon tanks, above water tanks and fill those up. We will have those for back up emergency water as well," said the mayor.

City officials are hoping to get it from a Seymour town water line that runs through Megargel. DeSautel said, both towns are still negotiating.

"If that doesn't go through, again, we're hoping that the water we get from this other lake will give us enough water to get through the rainy season so we can get more water into our lakes," said DeSautel.

Megargel residents have been under stage three water restrictions since February. For them, that's the highest level and it means outside water usage is not allowed.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6