COPY-Only on 6: A Walk With Irene Part 2

Weight loss is an ongoing struggle for thousands of Texomans, but a new procedure is aiming to change that.

Newschannel 6 Anchor Ashley Fitzwater is following one Texoma woman's journey to a new life.

In August we went inside the O.R. as Irene had the gastric sleeve procedure performed, and now we are checking back in with her.

We're following Irene for an entire year to help anyone battling obesity see the pros and cons of weight loss surgery.

Back in August, Irene started this journey at 335 lbs. and just 5 weeks later, she's off half of her medication and down 29 lbs. to 306 lbs.

Although it's hard for her to see the evidence speaks for itself.

" I was in church and could clasp my hands behind my back." said Irene.

She said that may not seem like a big deal but she doesn't remember being able to do it before.

As time moves along changes aren't just physical.

Irene is also adding more types of food to her shopping cart.

Her diet now consists of a lot of chicken salad, tuna salad, ground meat hamburger, ground chicken, and ground turkey.

But, no raw veggies or raw fruit just yet.

But, come week 6 that will all change. That's when all restrictions are dropped and she can finally go out and be served a meal.

A treat she is saving for when she hits the 299 mark.

"I really feel like it's God carrying me through this, telling me you made the right choice. And He is going to carry me through the journey."

Irene has also made several life style changes that include exercising several times a week.

She enjoys hitting the treadmill and her water aerobics. Irene said behind active energizes her and helps her sleep better.

Even with all of the work and changes, there are still some who don't fully understand her decision, or even her choice to share her story.

"I had a couple of people tell me that they didn't understand why I would let you put my weight on the news for everyone to hear. But it's the truth. The number doesn't make up who I am, it's just a number." said Irene.

When I asked what gets her through the tough times, she said it's you Texoma.

"I honestly I think it's doing this segment, it's accountability for me. I want people to see me succeed. When you go to lose weight on your own you don't have that. I and if you want to cheat and have a whole pizza you can, and nobody is watching. But I feel like everybody is watching." said Irene.

Irene's next trip to the doctor is the 3 month mark. That's when she hopes to be told, she is off all medications and down 50 lbs.

Stay with 6, we will check back in with Irene in November.