Henrietta Is Days Away From Stage 4

Stricter water restrictions mean more money out of pocket for some Texoma residents.

Henrietta is on the verge of reaching stage four water restrictions and the city is losing so much water revenue, residents might have to pay a little more when that stage is triggered.

In August, residents used 9.8 million gallons of water. That's almost half of the amount they used last year. Henrietta's City Manager Kelly Bloodworth said, while that's great news it's also creating some financial problems.

"It's kind of a double edge sword. If we can't sell water, we can't earn money. At the end of August, our projected revenue went down about $115,000," said Bloodworth.

When stage four water restrictions are triggered any day now, residents will be buying even less water. That's why even though the city has reserve funds available, Bloodworth is making sure the city is cutting back on unnecessary expenses. She also said, one of the new restrictions could bring in more revenue.

"We will be enacting a water sur-charge on people's water bills for excess usage. It's not a flat sur-charge. It's all going to go by you know, if you use so many gallons then your rate is this," said Bloodworth.

Stage four will allow residents to water with a hand held hose but outside irrigation won't be allowed.

"No washing of automobiles, trucks or anything like that and no filling swimming pools. Our drought contingency plan has an exception. It doesn't include any commercial car wash," said the city manager.

Henrietta will trigger stage four when Lake Arrowhead's level hits 30 percent. On Monday it was 30.7 percent.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6