Electra PD Backup Plan

With the Electra Police Department severely under-staffed, they have asked the Wichita County Sheriff's Office to step in to help.

Two deputies will soon be assisting Electra PD seven days a week, but the deputies will rotate on 4-8 hour shifts. They will also provide extra deputies to fill-in when needed.

Sheriff David Duke said the city of ELectra will pay the deputies time and a half for their work, as they will help out in Electra on top of their normal shifts at the Sheriff's Office.

"That's a 12 hour day, that's a long enough day for someone to be in and out of the car working," said Sheriff Duke. "You don't want to do more hours than that on somebody, because it could cause some safety officer issues."

The Electra PD needs the help, because two officers recently resigned, and they may soon lose a third officer as well. That would only leave Chief Johnny Morris and one other officer.

The Sheriff's Office has helped out Electra and other cities like this in the past.  However, this time, both agencies will sign a contract, since this may be more long term.

The contract is still being drafted, but Sheriff Duke said he believes deputies will start filling-in in the next few days.

Christina Myers