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Struggle Between Electra PD and City Leaders

Most officials and residents in Electra agree there is tension between the Police Department and City Hall, but they have very different reasons as to why.

An officer who recently resigned from the department sent Newschannel 6 a letter, saying he could no longer work in a "volatile" situation where Commissioners are on a "witch-hunt" against Police Chief Johnny Morris.

Some residents, like Sue Howell, agree. "The City Administrator and the City Commissions have done nothing but harass our police department," said Howell.

But City Administrator Larry Pannell said they have good reasons to want Chief Morris to resign. He said they sent the Chief a list of 28 "performance deficiencies" two weeks ago, but Chief Morris has not yet responded.

"While we are waiting for Chief Morris to respond with steps he will take to correct these deficiencies, we are not at liberty to share those deficiencies with the public," said Pannell, adding that they are "operational, personnel and cultural" deficiencies.

Pannell said this is a personnel matter between employer and employee. "It is our goal to handle this matter in a professional and respective manner," Pannell said in a written statement to Newschannel 6.

Other residents agree with city leaders, saying Chief Morris is corrupt. They wished to remain anonymous because they feel that anyone who speaks out against the Chief is harassed by him and others in the department.

We also reached out to Chief Morris for comment, and while he did speak with us, he said he could not make an official statement unless approved by the City Administrator and Mayor. The three were supposed to meet Thursday morning, but the meeting was postponed.


Christina Myers


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