Bowie: Autopsy Report in On Body Found in Gun Safe

The autopsy report is in on 34-year-old Chris Darden, the man who was found locked inside his own gun safe.

The medical examiners say Darden died from accidental suffocation due to environmental deprivation of oxygen and multi-drug intoxication.

Darden was reported missing on September 13th, but police say the family had not seen or talked to him since September 10th.

Police said the brand of the safe is Cannon and could fit around two dozen guns. They also said a person could definitely fit inside the safe, but would not clarify if a person could fit comfortably inside.

Lt. Green said, "We're just going to classify this as a death investigation, so we are keeping our minds open to anything at this point until we determine the cause of death first".

Bowie Police sent Darden's body to the Dallas area for the autopsy.