Wichita County Becoming Healthier

Almost everyone wishes they could be a little healthier and the Wichita County Public Health District is trying to make that a reality. Health District employees formed the Health Coalition of Wichita County last October to help make the people of Wichita County residents healthier.

The coalition has grown from 32 to 39 experts. Before the coalition could come together, a study had to be made.

Two years ago the Wichita County Public Health District performed a study, and found out people in Wichita County tend to struggle with three illnesses.

"Some of the primary issues that were identified as part of the community health assessment were tobacco related illnesses, obesity and overweight related illnesses, and then some behavioral mental health issues," said Assistant Director of Health for Wichita County Public Health District Amy Fagan.

The coalition will do more than reduce the impact of those illnesses. They will help make the entire healthcare system for Wichita County better.

"The three that are system focused are increase collaboration and coordination amongst community health providers, assure availability and access to appropriate number of providers in the community and assure continuity of care amongst health facilities," said Fagan.

The coalition definitely believes they can make a difference in the health of the Wichita County's population.

"You can achieve a vision much faster and much more efficiently with people who can actually move the needle," said Fagan.

The Health Coalition of Wichita County is made up of a variety of health experts: hospital CEOs, dietitians, physicians, and more. But even though everyone has a different background, they all have the same goal.

Fagan said, they envision a healthier community and a better quality of life for the people of Wichita County.

The coalition will not have a direct impact on the citizens of Wichita County, but it will have an indirect effect by bringing organizations together and making people more aware of all the health organizations.

James Parish, Newschannel 6