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Third Murder Suspect Captured in Nevada

Update: A third murder suspect in a 2010 case has been arrested.

Corey Raiford, 44, was captured in Clark County, Nevada.

The Wichita Falls Police department has made a break in a 3-year-old murder case.

Leslie Ann Acosta, 44, and Rebecca Camilla Hernandez, 41, are both being charged with Murder. The women, who are sisters, are accused in the shooting and stabbing death of Nickalaus Edward Shaffer in February of 2010.

"We were able to get some leads that were able to clear this murder case and bring some, hopefully, some closure to the family," said Chief Manuel Borrego.

Wichita Falls Police held a special news conference Tuesday morning to alert the media to the arrests. Affidavits were also released to Newschannel 6 in this case. The affidavits state Acosta confessed to the crime, while Rebecca only admitted to being at the scene.

Acosta told detectives that she, her sister and a third suspect, a male, took Shaffer to the 1200 block of River Lane. That's where Acosta said she and Hernandez stabbed Shaffer. Acosta told detectives the third suspect shot the victim.

In an affidavit written for Hernandez's arrests, Hernandez told police she witnessed the killing.

Police told Newschannel 6 Shaffer was a 490 lb. man.

Detectives believe Acosta was in a relationship with the third suspect.

The WFPD worked closely with the District Attorney's Office in this case. Only the two women are from Wichita Falls, so police had to go outside of Texoma to gather all of the evidence.

"We had to get cell phone records; we had to get video recordings of when and where we saw the suspect and victim together," said Chief Borrego.

Police have issued a nationwide search warrant for the third suspect.

"It's one of those issues where this guy is not a very good person, so he quite often comes in contact with law enforcement," said Chief Borrego.

Chief Manuel Borrego told Newschannel 6 the WFPD is concerned about officer safety, because the third suspect has a violent history. That is why they would like the media to withhold the name of the suspect at this time. Newschannel 6 is respecting the WFPD's request.

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