Henrietta Improves Resident's Safety With Sidewalks

Henrietta city leaders are working on getting kids and residents off the streets with a new construction project.

Henrietta City Manager Kelly Bloodworth said the town just doesn't have enough sidewalks right now. The issue is not just putting adults in harms way, but also kids who walk to school or to after school activities.

"We have a lot of people that walk, but they walk and run in the middle of the street because there's no different avenue for them," said Bloodworth.

Henrietta's junior high school Principal, Quana West, also said, "They go from band to flag teams, to sports activities, and they're traveling from campus to places in town and different things like that."

The city is using a million dollar state grant to fund its "Safe Route to School" project.

"The focus of it is to connect each quadrant of town to both of our schools. Our junior high and our elementary and high school," said the city manager.

Crews have been working for two weeks, and a couple of blocks have already been completed near the junior high.

"I've had a number of parents call me, telling me how nice it is to have the new sidewalks and the new pathways to school and from school. So yes, it has been noticed already," said West.

City leaders said the project is expected to be completed in about six months. During the construction, project crews will also tear apart some of the existing sidewalks to re-construct them. New handicap ramps are also being added.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6