CW Blood Drive

On Tuesday Newschannel 6's sister station The CW Texoma co-hosted a blood drive at Vernon College in Wichita Falls. Everyone I talked to understood the importance of donating and for about half of them giving blood means a lot more.

Blood donor Catherine Batty said one of her relatives could not receive a blood transfusion because her blood type was not available.

Batty has always given blood, but said now she donates a lot more.

"I've probably given so much. I'm surprised. I still have any," said Batty.

But Batty was not the only one there who has had a loved one affected.

"I've actually had several members of my family pass from cancer and in the process of trying to help them. They had different blood transfusions," said blood donor Nathan Getchelle.

Not all Texomans have the same history. Some people went to the blood drive just because they know how important it is to donate.

"Nothing special it just needed to be done not enough people give blood so I do. It doesn't come from magic. Somebody has to donate it," said blood donor Bill Busch.

All the donors agree, people should have nothing to fear about giving blood.

Busch said "I don't like needles. I don't like giving blood. It needs to be done.  It isn't as bad as you anticipate."

Tuesday's blood drive was a success. Over 30 people donated, allowing the Texas Blood Institute to collect 27 pints of blood.

Unfortunately not everyone can give blood. There are some restrictions when it comes to donating blood. If you would like to see if you qualify click here.