WFISD Considers Consolidating Schools

Members of the Wichita Falls Independent School District School Board are considering a plan to consolidate a number of schools next year.
If the plan is passed, Sam Houston and Alamo Elementary schools would be closed. Students from those two schools would move to the Zundy Junior High School building.

Current Zundy students would be consolidated into Barwise Junior High School. In order to handle the increase in students, Public Information Officer for the WFISD Renae Murphy said the 2014/2015 8th grade class at Barwise would be bigger than normal. The district would then limit the amount of incoming 7th graders who could pick to attend Barwise through the Choice Program.

"Some students may choose to go to another junior high, or that may mean that a student who is currently there may want to go to another junior high," said Murphy.

Murphy said no teachers, faculty or staff should be laid off, if this plan is put in place.

"The school district has been through consolidations in the past, and have been very successful with placement of teachers and keeping them together in groups and keeping them with the students that they already know," said Murphy. However, she did say some teachers and staff members may have to be redistributed to other schools.

A School Board sub-committee presented the consolidation plan to the full board on Tuesday. They conducted a nine week analysis of the district's school determined to be "in need" to come up with their results.

The Houston and Alamo buildings were found to be "inefficient."

"Windows that are inefficient, certainly it's not conducive to technology; we've retro-fitted and retro-fitted," said Murphy. "In spite of our maintenance department up-keeping and up-keeping, (they) deteriorates because of (their) age."