WF Impound Ordinance Starts Soon

Starting October 14th, Wichita Falls police will be allowed to impound your car if you're pulled over and don't have insurance or a valid driver's license.

"We work a lot of accidents where people don't have insurance and they don't have driver's license. If they don't have those things they shouldn't be out driving," said Sgt. John Spragins, Wichita Falls Police Department's Public Information Officer.

Getting your car impounded won't be the only penalty. You will still get a ticket and a $25impound fee on top of that. Wichita Falls drivers had a lot to say about this new ordinance.

"I think it's a good idea in some cases because I work part-time. If I get in a wreck with my car and the other person doesn't have insurance, I don't have money to get my car fixed," said a driver.

However, another Wichita Falls resident disagreed. He said, "That's kind of a bad way to make money. I mean, impounding cars is a daily charge that will add up every single day. I think it's another tactic to get people to pay more."

Police officials said the money collected as impound fees will go towards the city's general fund. When the ordinance got approved in September, city council members said they would like to use that money to cover additional public safety and administrative costs. However, Texomans would like to see that money go else where.

"More repairs on roads other than just main roads like Kemp St. I would like to see more money go towards education as well," said a resident.

Police will use the "Texas Sure Verification System" to confirm if you have insurance or not.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6