Exclusive: Complaints Sent To Electra PD Chief

Newschannel 6 got an exclusive look at a list of 28 deficiencies sent from the Electra City Administrator to the Police Chief.

The list includes some serious allegations, like threatening officers, campaigning against City Commissioners while in uniform and not addressing security and drug problems in the city.

However, other items on the list seem to be a bit nitpicky, including accusations that Chief Morris did not include some officers in "the family" by excluding them, saying Chief morris was not issuing enough citations and then that he was issuing too many for petty things, and not doing enough to get the department fully staffed.

Chief Morris said he was told by Pannell that he cannot talk to the media. However, the last item on the list said Pannell would just like notice from Chief Morris before he speaks with the media.

City Attorney Todd Greenwood advised Pannell not to speak officially with Newschannel 6 today, stating there are "potential concerns with regard to privacy matters regarding personnel at this time."

Chief Morris said his attorney has the list of deficiencies, and has prepared a "viable rebuttal to each one."  

The list was sent to us with a cover letter signed, in print, by a former Electra police dispatcher. However, when we spoke with that former dispatcher, she said she had no idea about the letter and did not send it.

We are currently working to figure out who actually sent the letter, and if criminal charges should be filed.

We will post a copy of the full list on here, once we get confirmation from city leaders that all of the information included is correct.

Christina Myers