Electra Residents Want City Leader's Resignation

Electra residents will deliver two petitions to City Hall Tuesday, that stemmed from the controversy involving the police department and city leaders.

One petition, with 144 signatures at last check on Monday, is seeking the  immediate resignation of City Administrator Larry Pannell.

The other, with 190 signatures at last check on Monday, seeks to change the city charter to give residents more say about their commissioners.

Pannell said each signature on both petitions will have to be verified first, to make sure each person is a registered voter who lives in the city of Electra.

Then, the City Council can choose to take action on either petition.

Pannell said a special election would have to be held to address the petition about changing the city charter. This means voters would have a say on the issue.

However, the petition about Pannell's resignation will simply come down to the council's vote because it is a personnel matter.

Christina Myers