WFISD Consolidation: Parents Concerned

A proposal was made to the WFISD school board on October 1st to consolidate Alamo and Houston Elementary schools into the Zundy Junior High School facility. Consolidating Zundy students to Barwise Junior High School.

Many parents' concerns were that many programs like the Leadership and the 6th grade Pre-AP could end because of this transition.

Zundy parent, Misty Leonard says, "It's not about the location, it's not even about the building. It's about the programs that are gonna be lost."

This possibility of this proposal happening ignited students and parents to create the "Help Save Zundy" Facebook page to express their concerns and gain support.

"We want to show WFISD that these people out here really care", said Leonard.

"We just want to guarantee that our kids are not going to be lost in the shuffle and that our programs are not going to get lost by the wayside as they've done in the past with other schools that have been combined, consolidated and then closed down."says concerned Zundy parent, Angie Stout.

Zundy parents plan to continue to update the "Help Save Zundy" page showing support for Zundy and its students and sharing locations for future petition signings.

Zundy parents held a petition signing at Texas Roadhouse to get as many signatures as possible to present to the WFISD school board in future board meetings.

A special session will be held on October 15th where the WFISD board will discuss the times, dates, and locations of public meetings for the proposed consolidation issue.  

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6