Wichita Falls makes list of America's Cheapest Cites

Wichita Falls is on the list of America's Cheapest Cities.

Wichita Falls population is more than 104,000 people, and the cost of living is 79.2% of the average for the U.S. The median home cost in Wichita Falls is $69,381.

In the report many Wichita falls attractions were highlighted. Like Lucy Park, located along the Wichita River, and the 18-hole golf course at Weeks Park. Hotter'N Hell also made the list of attractions for Wichita Falls. 

Unemployment is lower than the national average in the Falls, at 6.3%. And The mean annual wage in May 2012 was $35,000, compared with $45,790 for the U.S., according to the BLS report...Sheppard Air Force Base, the local school district and the North Texas State Hospital made the list of major employers to the area.

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