Reilly Road Rates

The Wichita Falls city council made a final decision on the Reilly Road Fill Station on October 15th's morning meeting.

The approval set the price at $4.40 for 1,000 gallons of water for all Wichita Falls residents, doubling the price for county residents and asking them to pay an $25 administrative fee per month.

Some Reilly Road residents are upset at this approval because they are considered county residents; meaning they would pay the doubled amount as well as the $25 per month fee.

Director of Public Works, Russell Schreiber says,"The residents in the county will pay twice the rate of what the residents in the city will pay. We already have that twice the rate established. It's been established for many years in the sanitation ordinance and in the water ordinance."

The Public works Staff has decided to replace the current coin operated terminal at Reilly Road to a new pin number account code terminal within three to four weeks.

However, until the new terminals arrive, the Public Works staff will continue to man the stations on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings while still allowing customers who have established an account with Wichita Falls to continue to access the water.

"We know there was a lot of abuse of water usage at Reilly Road, so we knew we needed to get control of that station", said Schreiber.

The Reilly Road approval did go into effect October 15th and the only construction that will be done will be the replacement of a new terminal.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6