W.F.I.S.D. Consolidation & Bond Proposals

Tuesday at 12:00p.m. the Wichita Falls School Board put forth three bond proposals.

While each proposal holds a different price tag there they do have a few things in common. All three include putting forth $5-million in safety, security upgrading all schools, and the closure of Zundy Junior high as well as building a new Alamo/Houston

The first part of phase one in each proposal would include the safety and security upgrades, the board hopes to have
this first part of the bond ready in time for the May 2014 elections. While phase two of each proposal, the second
part of the bond that the board would include, is the closure of Zundy.

Dr. John Frosserd talked about the separate proposals,"Renovation has its place, but we have some very old facilities and putting millions into those does not necessarily add decades. In some cases it adds five to ten years. So I think were trying to come up with a good mix of what we would do new and what's worth renovating."

The Board said they are very much open to public opinion and are looking to put forth a survey in the near future to gage public opinion. The boards next meeting will be this coming Monday October 21st, at 1104 Broad Street in the Ed Center Board room.