Electra Petitions Sent To City Hall

Electra residents handed two petitions to City Hall on Tuesday.

One is to fire City Administrator Larry Pannell.  The other is to change the City Charter so residents would have more of a voice about their City Commissioners.

The residents are upset about the ongoing feud between the police department and city commissioners.

Pannell said each signature will have to be verified to make sure they are all registered voters who live in Electra City limits.

Electra resident Sue Howell was the one who dropped off the petitions to City Hall.  She said she feels the city leaders are not doing things in the best interest of the people of Electra.

"Some people were elected onto the city council an we expected them to do what the people thought, but when things were on different issues in the town we found out they weren't backing the people and doing things the way they wanted them," Howell said.

Howell said the petition gives citizens the right to change the city charter and vote in a new person.

The second part of the petition is against city administrator Larry Pannell.  He decided not to comment.  Howell said Pannell has made decisions that have hurt the town.

There were 200 signatures to change the city charter and 150 signatures against Larry Pannell.

Pannell said his resignation would just come down to the vote from commissioners.

The one looking to change the charter would have to be put to a special election so voters have a say in the matter.