Lake Wichita Study

A newly appointed Lake Wichita study needs your help.

They are asking for your feedback so they can move forward.  The group wants to keep you informed on information and developments, but also hear what you would like to see done at the lake.

They've now made it even easier.

"You can go to the City of Wichita Falls (website) and link onto Lake Wichita study committee and there's a survey that the public can fill out with questions about what they would like to see done here at the lake, what they've done at other lakes, what kind of opportunities they'd like to see here," Lake Wichita Study Committee Steve Garner said.

Just go to the City of Wichita Falls website, click on the departments tab and then down to community development or just click here.  That's where you'll find the quick and easy seven question survey.

Over the next several months the commit will work to develop an action place to bring your vision to light.