Two Women Arrested

Wichita Falls Police received a tip that a woman was trying to sell a stolen firearm and that she would be in a white S.U.V. with narcotics in the vehicle.

When officers arrived at the 4000 Clock of Featherston Avenue around 1:00p.m. on Tuesday, a white Hyundai Santa Fe arrived at the home.  They pulled the vehicle over for a traffic violation and were given consent to check the vehicle.  Inside officers found a .38 special revolver.

A records check revealed that one of the two women had a felony conviction.  43-year-old Elizabeth Garcia was wanted for Unlawful Possession Of A Firearm.

Officers found three bags containing meth on the other woman, 43-year-old Pricilla Kearney.  She was arrested for possession of a substance over one gram less than four grams.