Reaction to Government Shutdown

It's now day 16 of the Government Shutdown and we are fast approaching the midnight hour before the first U.S. default in recent memory.

Earlier on Wednesday a deal to end the government shutdown was reached in the Senate between majority leader Harry Reid and minority leader Mitch McConnell. The last few days have seen both the Senate and the House propose, amend and reject bills.

This back and fourth brinkmanship has left some Texomans in a daze.
Ann Rodriguez's husband is in the Military. She's worried what a U.S. default could mean.

"I know from watching the news and talking with different people I'm very confused on it. I'm not happy about this shutdown. It's affecting a lot of our friends and family and I'm really concerned. I heard this morning that if there is not a resolution by midnight the programs could possibly be affected is military not receiving pay, which affects Wichita
Falls greatly," Rodriguez said.

There are also those who are reliant on food stamps to help feed their family.  David Wilming is one of those people.

Wilming said, "I have three kids, so that's a huge struggle there, I hear of vets they might be losing their benefits.  I think its all ridiculous and um, frankly I just think they need to come to a proposal to at least get things out of the way and deal with it later. Worry about the people that are part of America, and stop worrying about their own political agendas."

The vote to end the shutdown would have to come before midnight. House Speaker John Boehner said he will encourage his GOP members to pass the Senate proposed bill in order to avoid default. "We fought the good fight,we just didn't win."

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6