Bowie I.S.D. Gets Close to $1 Million

It's not every day someone receives close to $1 million, especially a school district. However, that's exactly what is going to happen to the Bowie Independent School District.

The school district passed a bond in 2012 worth more than $9 million to complete several projects. Almost every project has been under budget. The elementary roof came in $400,000 under budget. The athletic complex came in at about $200,000 under budget. The junior high roof and HV/AC units also came in well under expected costs.

Bowie I.S.D. Superintendent Steven Monkres said, "We're working with a really good contractor...They've done a great job helping us and the vendors hold costs under budget." He also said things weren't as bad as what they originally thought.

The school district also was very safe when they were creating the budget.

"We wanted to make sure we covered any possibility that might come up. The last thing we wanted to do was pass a bond, and start a project and say we didn't think about this or we didn't think about that," said Monkres.

The school district is expected to get somewhere between a half to three quarters of a million dollars back, but that number won't officially be known until possibly the end of the summer. They still have to pay some architect fees, refurbish an auditorium and finish landscaping sports complex.

Even though nothing is official, Bowie I.S.D. already started thinking about it's going to do with the extra money.

Monkres said they want to replace the elementary school's gym floor, connect the portable classrooms to the school buildings, add batting cages to its baseball field and cover some of walkways.

"We're trying to look at things that affect the largest number of kids," said Monkres.