West Nile in Wichita Falls

The Wichita Falls Environmental division confirmed that a third pool batch of mosquitos tested positive West Nile virus.
 Susan Morris, Wichita Falls Environment Division, said this latest positive test was collected last week. Even with the latest news the concern will lesson as we lead toward winter.
 "Over winter they become less active. The shorter the days, the cooler the temperature, they're not out looking, their resting," said Morris.
 But lower numbers do not lower the chances of getting the disease. The mosquitos are looking for other environments to breed in. Your homes could be one of those environments.
 "Some people don't realize that those mosquitos will breed inside your house if you have standing water."
 Morris advises people to stay alert and keep their bug swatters at the ready.
 "Since we know we have West Nile in Wichita Falls, protect yourself and your family."