Vets Benefits Restored

The reopening of the U.S. government has Texoma Veterans reacting to their benefits now being restored. 
President Obama signed a bill Thursday, October 17th, ending the 16 day government shutdown.

Federal workers, social security workers, and veterans to name a few were some of those effected by the government shutdown beginning October 1st.

When the shutdown occurred, Texoma veterans lost many of their benefits such as be able to enter national parks.

"The world war II memorial, people should be going in there whenever they want to regardless of what the government is doing. I mean a lot of people died for this country and World War II is pretty important"said, Vietnam Veteran, Peter Zimbelman.

The loss of benefits from the shutdown only made Veterans uneasy.

Assistant County Veteran Services Officer, Colm Murphy said, "When the shut down happened and the claims are going no where veterans got a little frustrated cause now we're adding additional time on to the already long period of time it takes to get claims process, so Veterans weren't pleased about that."

Texoma Veterans believe that even though their benefits have been restored, they are almost sure the government will have another shut down, creating more problems.

Veterans are left to believe that the government re-opening is only a temporary fix.

"It goes to January 15th and we start all over again. So, yea ok they did a temporary major but what good does it do?", said Zimbelman.

In President Obama's statement that was made this morning he said, "there are no winners in regards to the re-opening of the government shutdown and everyone should work together to make the government better.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6