Scary Sales Slump

Texomans are coming out by the numbers to buy costumes, tricks, and treats, but according to a survey, sales are predicted to be lower than last years.

The National Retail Federation surveyed about 5,000 adults and from the results predicted that only 6.9 billion dollars would made in Halloween sales this year, which is a about a 1 billion dollar drop from last year.

This year, Halloween is on a Thursday, meaning kids will be going to school the next day which could potentially hurt Halloween sales.

However, local Texoma retailer, Wicked Andy's Scare Shop disagrees with the NRF's survey.

"Sales have been good. Since about the middle of September our sales have increased 100%. Of course we also offer a lot of discounts and a lot of sales through October," said Wicked Andy's Co-Owner Chad Lagunas.

The survey came about because Halloween customers may not be willing to spend as much on Halloween as they did in the past. Halloween customers are beginning to make their costumes themselves.

The week of Halloween, Lagunas said Wicked Andy's sales are only expected to grow even more.

"Expected sales are expected to sky rocket; especially the last week of Halloween we'll have people in here all day long," said Lagunas.

Overall, Halloween continues to be the holiday where people love to dress up and become someone other than themselves. Halloween shopper, Joe Moreno said,"Halloween kind of throws everything off from the shutdown thing and raises everybody's spirits up instead of bringing it all down."

Lagunas said, "it's a time of year where if its just a few minutes or an hour long they can escape reality."

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6