Propositions on the Ballot, New Rules At the Polls

Newschannel 6 reporters covered four propositions in-depth. Click the propositions below to view their stories.

In all, nine propositions were on the ballot Tuesday. They were all part of the proposed Constitutional Amendments approved by state lawmakers during the Legislative session earlier this year. Even though these issues were approved by lawmakers, they must be approved by voters to be made law.

Several issues put before voters have a direct impact on Texoma, but maybe not as much as Proposition 6. If approved, this proposition would allow the state to help fund local water projects. Wichita County Judge Woody Gossum has been a major supporter of Prop 6.

You can read about all nine propositions here.

While this election did not have any candidate races for Texoma voters, this was a significant election. This is the first time voters were required to show photo identification in order to vote. This has been a controversial issue. Many people support the new law, but many others say it's discrimination.

There were also concerns the new voter identification law would cause problems for people with valid photo identification. There were some reports married woman were especially having trouble because the name on their license might not match the name on their voter registration card. Newschannel 6 talked to voters Tuesday, non of whom had any problems at the polls.