Well Water In Use

When driving around town, you've probably noticed "Well Water In Use" signs out in front of several businesses.

American National Bank off of Midwestern Parkway wanted to continue to water their landscape. The increasing drought restrictions have cut down on outdoor watering.

Senior Vice President and Cashier at American National Bank Roy Olsen said, "This last summer when we started seeing drought restrictions and we weren't able to keep our trees well watered...so if we want to water then we are off the city's water. We aren't putting a burden on the city's water supply and quite frankly it was financial reason."

American National Bank can now water its entire campus because the well is hooked up to the sprinkler system. The well has already saved the bank money and the city a ton of water.

All American Super Car Wash off of Southwest Parkway also put in a well.

General Manager Jim Cadotte said they want to be ready for future drought restrictions and limit their dependence on the city's water supply.

According to Stage 3 drought restrictions every car wash in Wichita Falls has to be closed one day a week. Cadotte hopes the well will help make up for those lost days.

The well will not be up and running until the end of the year. However that has not stopped All American Super Car Wash from already saving water.

"We're part of the International Carwash Association Water Savers program...We put in a recycled plant at our facility...We recapture over 90 percent of our water that we use on vehicles," said Cadotte.

Even though both businesses put in a well for different reasons. One ultimate outcome will be the same, the wells will help conserve our water supply.