Future Farm Bill

Next week the members from the House and Senate will meet to begin negotiations on a new farm bill. Negotiations will be done by special farm bill conference committees hand picked by both legislative bodies. Randy Neugebauer a congressman who represents Texas's 19th district has been selected by House Speaker John Boehner to part of the negotiations.
 Disputes over what the trillion dollar future farm bill should include began earlier this year when both the House and the Senate proposed separate farm bills with vastly different budgets. The Senates proposal would cut about 4 billion dollars, while the congressional proposal cuts around 39 billion dollars.
 Neugebauer said that bigger and broader crop insurance will be one of the key issues he will be pushing for during the negotiations.
 "So when mother nature is not cooperative with you it's important to have an insurance product in there, an insurance program that protects producers."
 Kenneth McAlister, a Texoma farmer, agrees with Neugebauer's proposal.
 "We're a wheat and cotton rotation type deal. We're getting into some specialty crops, but there's a lot of specialty crops not insurable yet. It's a deal where were going to have to prove we can grow them. But we need to be able to get the on ability to ensure."   
 Right now crop insurance makes up only about ten percent of the farm bill. The conference committees are scheduled to meet next Monday October 28th.